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Charging the device

In this section:
The device can be charged using one of the following methods:
  • A dedicated charging station provided by Controlant, that can fit 5 devices at a time.

  • A USB charging adapter.

  • A computer USB port.

Guidelines for optimal charging performance
  • Charge each device for 6 hours and until 100% shows on the screen next to the battery with a flash symbol.

  • Leaving the device on the charger for an extended period after it's fully charged (>24 hours) is not recommended for maintaining battery health, though it presents no safety hazard.

  • The charging area or charging room should be well-ventilated and at room temperature (15-25°C / 59-77°F). The device is unable to charge if the ambient temperature is below 0°C / 32°F.

  • Make sure that the devices are standing upright and are not leaning against each other while charging.


The devices generate heat while charging, especially toward the end of the charging cycle. This temperature increase itself is one of the parameters used by the device to detect that it is fully charged.

Optimal ambient temperature

15° - 25°C

59°- 77°F

Ambient temperatures above 30°C / 86°F will have a negative effect on charging.

Minimum device temperature



The charging process automatically interrupts while the device temperature is outside this interval.

Maximum device temperature



We recommend placing loggers in an upright position when charging. If the loggers are leaning to the side and/or against each other, their temperature might increase, preventing the battery from fully charging.

The device should not be placed in a shipment directly after disconnecting from a charger. As the temperature sensor on the device is inside the USB connector cable, the device should be allowed at least 30 minutes to recover after charging for the temperature measurements to be accurate.

Display behavior while charging

Immediately as the device is plugged into a charging station, a USB icon shows up for a few seconds, briefly replacing the temperature values.

The display of a Saga Logger in standby mode right after plugging in to charge: screen showing chasing arrows, battery with lightning bolt icon, and USB icon.

While the device is being charged, the battery icon has a flash symbol. The battery percentage is not displayed while charging.

Battery charging icon with lightning bolt symbol.

If the internal temperature of the device reaches 40°C / 104°F, the charging process will automatically interrupt until the device cools down again. A crossed-out battery icon appears on the screen and stays on until charging resumes.

Crossed-out battery icon.

The battery is fully charged when 100% appears on the right side of the battery icon with the flash symbol.

Battery charging icon with lightning bolt symbol with 100 percent next to it.


A device wakes up when plugged into a charger. It wakes up when it's fully charged and again when it's removed from the charger.