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Device not registered to a shipment - Standby mode

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Display behavior in standby mode

Saga logger display in standby mode: showing free in the upper left corner, battery percentage, and the last measured temperature.

The display in standby mode shows:

  • The latest temperature measurement of the device.

  • The battery level (charging or not charging) and the battery percentage (10-100%)

  • "Free" in the shipment status section of the screen.

  • Connection status at the last wake-up.

    • If sync to the cloud was successful at the last wake-up, the display shows a cloud icon with a checkmark SL_icon_successful_cloud_connection indicating a successful cloud connection.

    • If a connection fails or sync is not completed (e.g., due to a bad cellular connection), the display will show a cloud icon with an X. SL_icon_failed_cloud_connection


The cloud connection status is updated at every wake-up. A device in standby mode wakes up every 12 hours.

LED behavior in standby mode

The shipment LED controlant saga logger shipment led and the alarm LED Alarm LED should not be blinking on the device in standby mode.

A blinking controlant saga logger shipment led indicates that the device is in a shipment or has received shipment information. A blinking Alarm LED indicates that an alarm state has occurred.