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Starting a shipment

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Start method: button
The start button is pressed
Flow diagram of the Saga Logger shipment starting process: start button pressed, cloud connection syncing, successful connection with shipment status "Shipping".
  • After the start button a black arrow pointing to the right in a turquoise fill circle has been held down for 5–8 seconds, the shipment LED controlant saga logger shipment led turns on, indicating that the button has been pressed long enough (i.e., registered as a valid button press).

  • The button event triggers a connection to the Cloud: the display updates, showing a syncing icon SL_icon_syncing_display in the cloud connection status section.

  • A sync can take from 30 seconds up to 6 minutes, depending on the connection and the amount of data.

  • When the syncing is complete and successful, the cloud connection status updates to show the cloud icon with a checkmark SL_icon_successful_cloud_connection.

In this case, during syncing, the device received a shipment with "button" as a start method, and the shipment status updates to "Shipping", indicating that a shipment has started.

The start button is pressed, but no cellular connection
Controlant Saga Logger screen sequence when the Start button is pressed: the syncing icon is shown during cloud connection. Sync unsuccessful: "Shipping" is shown with a cloud icon and x.
  • In this example case, the device received the shipment information in a previous wake-up, and the start method is "button". The device moves into shipping mode, showing "Shipping" in the shipment status section of the display.

  • To indicate a failed sync, the cloud connection status section of the display shows a cloud icon with an X SL_icon_failed_cloud_connection. The device will attempt to connect and send data again during its next scheduled wakeup.

Start method: geofence
The device has received shipment information, but the shipment has not started
Controlant Saga Logger screen sequence when the Start button is pressed but not outside of geofence: the syncing icon is shown during cloud connection. Sync successful: "Paired" is shown with a cloud icon and checkmark.
  • The device can receive information about a shipment before the starting conditions are met.

  • In this example, the device received shipment information with a "geofence" start method, but the device has not left the shipping origin. The shipment status section of the display will show "Paired" until the device leaves the origin and successfully connects to the cloud.

Manual start
Manual shipment start via the SCM system
Saga Logger display in standby mode when receiving manual start. After successful sync, it shows "Shipping".

If a device in standby mode receives a start shipment message via the SCM system, it will update the display after the next successful wake-up to show "Shipping".