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Shipments overview dashboard

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Shipments overview dashboard

You can use the Shipments overview dashboard to get an overview of shipments, excursions, and logistics.

The dashboard is intended for those that wish to gain an overview of all shipments shipped and analyze them in terms of time, location, and temperature qualities for valuable insights and decision making. It is meant as a handy tool for regional and global leads to drill into the data and isolate a specific region or freight forwarder to periodically go through performance of relevant shipments with third parties and suppliers.

This user guide is intended for users of the Shipments overview dashboard, whether they are getting started or want to make sure they get the most out of it.

If you have any questions or feedback on this user guide or the Shipments overview dashboard, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

The Shipments overview dashboard is an interactive dashboard in Power BI tool created using historical data gathered from Controlant’s loggers and data from the Supply Chain Monitoring (SCM) system. The loggers monitor and gather temperature and location information throughout the duration of all shipments sent around the world by the organization and the SCM contains the master data for the shipments, such as origin, destination, transportation mode, and much more. The Shipments overview dashboard contains information about shipments that have already been delivered as well as shipments that are still in progress.

Using exploratory analytics reports

Using an exploratory analytics report like this one is different from a regular report where the take-away from each visual is either explained or obvious from context.

Exploratory analytics reports allow the users to ask their own questions and explore the data for questions, answers, and curiosities. The material poses questions that might be of interest to people in various positions and guides the user on how to find the answers in the report. This is by no means an extensive list of all possible questions, but the goal is to inspire the users to ask more questions and explore the data for the answers.

Controlant Analytics dashboards are in constant development in collaboration with customers and in alignment with user requirement specifications. Pages with the most requested information have been prioritized in the development process.

Controlant Analytics dashboards display data from the Supply Chain Monitoring (SCM) system for active and delivered shipments.

The dashboard contains data sent from loggers up to the latest refresh time.

The dashboard automatically updates once per day. The date and time of the last refresh is displayed in the bottom right corner of every page. The frequency of data refresh may vary based on your agreements with Controlant.

Requesting access

To get access to dashboard, do the following:

  1. Contact your Customer Success Manager.

    Include details on which dashboard you want to access.

  2. When you have been registered, you will receive an activation email from

    The email contains a link to verify that the email address is active.


    Verification emails could go to spam folders or be blocked by company email security firewalls. If this happens, please get in touch with your Controlant contact.

  3. Click the link.

    In a browser, a page appears, confirming your email has been verified.