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SCM release notes v2.28.x

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​Supply Chain Monitoring



Type of release


Release announcement date

8 April 2024

UAT release date

15 May 2024

Planned live release date

10 June 2024

The 2.28.0 release focuses on UI and backend improvements to give users better feedback when handling data availability issues. Data availability issues arise if the loggers have not been able to deliver all of their temperature data to the platform at the time of delivery. In this release, the SCM system user is given additional clarity and instructions on how to react and mitigate when such issues occur. For this, a new terminology is introduced; see further details below. In addition, we have added more Reason for Change prompts to other areas of the Platform for compliance and traceability.

A new terminology has been introduced to better guide the SCM system user in understanding and mitigating data availability issues.

Pending data: A logger in a shipment is considered to have pending data if all three of the following conditions are met:

  • the logger has been delivered

  • the platform has not received all the data points it expects

  • no manual upload has been performed

Missing data: A logger in a shipment is considered to have missing data if all three of the following conditions are met:

  • the logger has been delivered

  • the platform has not received all the data points it expects

  • manual upload has been performed

Syncing: A logger in a delivered shipment is considered to be syncing if the platform is waiting for the next scheduled wake-up of the logger.

Table 20. The difference between SCM 2.27.0 and SCM 2.28.0, slightly simplified.


Meaning in SCM 2.27.0

Meaning in SCM 2.28.0

Pending data

Some data points are not yet on the platform.

Some data points are not yet on the platform, but they might be on the logger.

Missing data


The logger has uploaded all available temperature data, but there are still data availability issues.



The logger is delivered and is waiting for the next wake-up to deliver data. No action is required.

In the left sidebar, the shipments in the shipment analysis issues list that have data availability issues are highlighted with action required.


In the custom search criteria, there is now an option for searching for shipments that have data availability issues.


Two types of alerts have been added for improved clarity.


This alert is visible if one or more loggers in the selected shipment have data availability issues.


This alert is visible if the shipment is delivered but the platform is still waiting for one or more of the loggers to wake up.

The logger table has been completely redesigned with ease of use and clarity in mind. A new column, Data status, has been introduced, which better indicates the data status of the loggers. If any action items are associated with a logger, it is possible to click the three dots in the action column to open a set of possible actions.

The loggers in the logger table are sorted so that loggers that require attention are placed at the top.


For shipments that are in the shipping state, the following data statuses are possible


The logger did not communicate during the last scheduled wake-up. This could be due to insufficient cellular network coverage or because the logger is in low-power mode or needs recharging.


This means that the logger did communicate during the last scheduled logger wake-up

For shipments that are delivered, the following data statuses are possible


This means that the platform has all the necessary temperature data points from the logger.


Syncing indicates that we are waiting for communication between the logger and the platform.

Communication is expected to continue at the next scheduled logger wakeup.


The logger has pending data.

This means that data might be on the logger, and actions are required to initiate data upload.


The logger has missing data.

This means that it is confirmed that the data is irretrievable.

The logger table now has an actions menu for shipments that are delivered.


In case of pending data or missing data, the actions Resolve and More information appear when you click the three dots. In the case of syncing data, only Resolve is there.


When clicking Resolve, a window pops up with the next possible steps depending on the data status of that particular logger


Missing data


Pending data


Syncing data

When clicking More information, another window pops up with more information about the logger


When loggers' battery levels were low at the time of the last communication, a new battery icon with a tooltip appears in the wake-up interval column of the logger table.


In the chart and data tab, data availability issues are marked with Pending / Missing Data.

In the quality report, the optional data availability issue banner has the text Pending / Missing Data.


The user will see additional information regarding data availability for shipments, and will receive additional guidance on how to resolve issues.

New fields have been added with Reason for Change prompts so that users changing Gxp data are able to leave a written, traceable explanation. All the settings are available under


When a shipment is Duplicated, a Reason for Change will be required.


When a Shipment Description is changed on an active shipment (non-draft), a Reason for Change will be required.


When a Custom Property is added, deleted, or edited on an active shipment (non-draft), a Reason for Change will be required.


When a Comment is edited or deleted, a Reason for Change will be required.


If a Reason for Change setting is turned on, a written comment will be required when making the above changes in the UI.

  • If a logger's calibration has expired or is about to expire, a warning is now displayed in the logger dropdown during shipment creation.

  • We added smaller geofence options in the UI to improve geofence tracking between close sites. We have also made the radius size visible for the users to make the choice clearer.

  • Easy copy function has been added to custom properties, so users can more easily copy the value of Custom Properties onto their clipboards.

  • The design of the pages in the My Control Panel tab in Account Admin has been updated to improve user experience and better match the styling of the SCM system.

  • We updated the styling of the reset password screen to keep the styling consistent through the SCM system.

  • The default audit trail shown to users upon opening Audit Trail is now the newer version, replacing the older one.

  • Users are now able to view the original shipment from which a new shipment was duplicated. There's also a direct link to the original shipment, which helps both support and developers troubleshoot shipment issues.

    Additionally, the duplication action will now be accurately listed in the Audit Trail UI instead of being listed as a Shipment Creation action.

  • We'll make user sessions visible in the new Audit Trail in Account Admin

Bug fix in the calculation of freeze-thaw cycles.