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Device during a shipment - Shipping mode

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Display behavior in shipping mode


The display in shipping mode shows:

  • The latest temperature measurement of the device.

    The maximum measured temperature during the shipment is shown above, and the minimum measured temperature is shown below the latest measurement.

  • The battery level and the battery percentage (10-100%)

  • "Shipping" in the shipment status section of the screen. It appears after a shipment has been initiated with the start button or through SCM system.

  • The alarm icon Alarm bell icon, which is shown on the display of a Saga logger when there is a temperature alert during shipment.appears when an alarm state occurs — according to the severity notification setup in SCM system.

  • Connection status at the last wake-up.

    • If sync to the cloud was successful at the last wake-up, the display shows a cloud icon with a checkmark SL_icon_successful_cloud_connectionindicating a successful cloud connection.

    • If a connection fails or sync is not completed (e.g., due to a bad cellular connection), the display will show a cloud icon with an XSL_icon_failed_cloud_connection

LED behavior in shipping mode

  • The shipment LED controlant saga logger shipment led blinks every 5 seconds while the shipment is active.

  • The alarm LED Alarm LED blinks every 5 seconds if an alarm state has occurred during an active shipment.

  • The shipment LED controlant saga logger shipment led turns on for 3 seconds and turns off as soon as the stop button black square in red fill circle has had a valid button press.

Light events during a shipment

The Saga logger has a light sensor positioned below the display.

The device measures light intensity every 10 seconds and compares the last measurement value to the current one. It reports a light event if it reaches a certain threshold in change. Subtle changes in light intensity (e.g., sunrise and sunset) do not trigger an event.


Light events only appear in the Supply Chain Monitoring (SCM) system and not on the device itself. A maximum of six events are logged into the system every hour. If more than six events occur per hour, the latest events are discarded until the oldest event is more than 1 hour (60 minutes) old.

In hibernation mode, the light sensor turns off, and light events are not detected.

Temperature alarms during a shipment

When the device is in a shipment (with one or more temperature warnings defined), the device can enter an alarm state if the measured temperature goes outside the specified boundaries and time limit.


The alarm state is triggered depending on the severity settings (low, medium, or high) used to determine whether a manual inspection is required after the shipment is delivered.

Admin users can modify the severity settings in Account Admin in the SCM system (SCM Settings → Require manual inspection for shipments with).

By default, the alarm state is activated if the excursion severity is medium or higher.

If an event occurs that triggers the alarm state during the shipment, the alarm state is visible on the device in two places:

  • The alarm LED Alarm LEDblinks every 5 seconds.

  • The display shows the alarm icon Alarm bell icon, which is shown on the display of a Saga logger when there is a temperature alert during shipment. .