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What happens when I press the start button?

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Pushing the start button will force the logger to wake up and attempt to connect to the Cloud. Following the start button push, the logger will continue to wake up every hour for 5 hours. After that, if the logger has not received any information about being allocated to a shipment during any of these wake-ups, it will go back to its internal standby wake-up schedule and attempt to wake up again within 12 hours. The logger can only be woken up by pushing the button twice per hour.

If a logger receives shipment information within any of the wake-ups following the button push, it will register that it’s assigned to a shipment and update the display with the relevant information. Depending on the start method, it may already start shipping or wait for the start method conditions to be met.

If a logger receives shipment information during a wake-up preceding the start button push, and the start method selected for the shipment is Button or Geofence or Button, pushing the button will start the shipment.

If a logger is already in Shipping status, pushing the button will only be registered and displayed in the Event Log in Controlant’s SCM platform. If a logger is in Low power or hibernation mode, it will not wake up following the button push but will register this event in its memory and upload the information next time it connects to the Cloud.