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Saga Logger release notes v2.6.x

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Saga logger



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Reason for change

  • Improved battery life in low signal conditions

  • Various enhancements to charging processes

  • Other minor improvements and bug fixes

Type of release


Release date

25 June 2024

Customer actions needed

To get the firmware update, make sure that the loggers are charged, not in shipment, and have a connection to the cloud.


This release requires a partial validation of the logger.


  • Improved battery life in low signal conditions by reducing average modem on time.

  • Various enhancements to charging processes, including improved start- and end-of-charge detection, event reporting, and logging during charging. These improvements aim to boost the overall efficiency of charging and enhance the monitoring of charging tasks.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug that caused some devices to reboot unexpectedly.

  • Other minor internal fixes.