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Wake-up behavior

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What happens when the device wakes up?

When a device wakes up, the modem is turned on, and the device attempts to connect to the cellular network, the Controlant Cloud, and services to:

  • fetch information

  • upload data

  • update the firmware

  • scan for Wi-Fi access points.

The device wakes up at various intervals, depending on its status and other events.

Status: device in standby mode

A device not assigned to a shipment is in standby mode and wakes up every 12 hours.

A device in a draft shipment behaves as if it is not registered to a shipment because the creation of the shipment has not been finalized.


A device does not detect that it is registered to a shipment unless it has woken up and reported to the Controlant cloud to receive the shipment message. The newly defined wake-up interval is updated after the next wake-up that follows the shipment creation.

The device behaves as if it's in standby mode until it has successfully received the shipment message.

Status: device in paired mode

If the start method is "button", the device will use its default wake-up interval until the time the shipment has started (i.e., the start button is pressed), after which it will wake up according to the wake-up schedule defined for the shipment.

If the start method is "geofence", "geofence or button", or "specify time" the device wakes up according to the wake-up schedule defined for the shipment.

If the start method is set to "specify time" and the start time is set to a time in the future, the device uses the updated wake-up interval after the next wake-up, even though the shipment has not started.

Status: device in active shipment

A device an in active shipment wakes up according to the wake-up schedule defined in the shipment (i.e., 1-hour, 2-hour, 3-hour, 6-hour, 12-hour, or 24-hour intervals).

Status: device in alarm state

A device in an alarm state attempts to wake up once and report to the Controlant cloud immediately when an alarm state occurs. After waking up to report the alarm state, the device will return to the configured wake-up schedule.

Event: button press

The device wakes up every time the buttons are pressed, but no more than once every 30 minutes.

After a button has been pressed, the device wakes up every override interval for 5 override intervals. After 5 override intervals, the device returns to the previous wake-up schedule. Note: the override interval is normally set to 1 hour (i.e., the device wakes up every hour for 5 hours before returning to the previous wake-up schedule).

If a device is not registered to a shipment or a wake-up schedule determined by the shipment, the device returns to the previous default wake-up schedule.

Event: charging

A device wakes up when plugged into a charger. It wakes up when it's fully charged and again when it's removed from the charger.

Event: device exits flight mode

A device in shipment wakes up when it exits flight mode.