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Controlant BI Manager

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Release notes for Controlant BI Manager.


Controlant BI Manager



Type of release


Release announcement date

22 March 2024

Release date

15 April 2024

In this release, we focused on releasing a fully validated version of Controlant BI Manager and updating the boilerplate.


The validation only refers to the platform BI Manager, but not dashboards or data within those dashboards.

New features

Updated version of boilerplate from .NET 3 to .NET 7.

This release introduces some changes to the navigation:

The navigation pane can now be configured to hide automatically.

Before you needed to click to hide the navigation pane


Now you can set the navigation pane to automatically hide


Navigation pane can now be configured to hide automatically

The navigation pane now includes a folder structure. If you have access to multiple dashboards, you can group them into folders for your convenience.

New folder system in BI Manager

Clicking the logo now reloads the page instead of opening the page in a new tab.

Before, clicking the logo would open the BI Manager in a new tab


Now, clicking the logo reloads the current page


Clicking the logo now reloads the page instead of opening the page in a new tab

A new notification feature keeps users informed about system updates, offering prioritization of critical alerts for immediate attention, enhancing user engagement, and experience.

The notification feature can be accessed by users in the top right corner via the bell icon (for all users). Users with administration panel permission in Tenants can also access notifications via the Notification page.

Notification pop-up showing unread notifications

The look of the profile pane has been updated.

New Profile pane

My settings now has the option to change the User name and Time zone.

New page for My settings

Instead of getting a pop-up showing recent Login attempts, you now have a full page.

New page showing recent login attempts