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How long does the battery last?

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The Saga device is powered by a rechargeable NiMH battery, 2500mAh. NiMH batteries are not considered dangerous goods. The battery lifecycle is at least 300 charge cycles.

A fully charged device on a 12-hour wake-up interval can be expected to upload data and report alarms for 110 days while montioring an active shipment within the operating temperature range and good cellular connectivity.

When the battery level goes below 10%, the device wakes up every 24 hours, whether in shipping or standby mode. The device operates in this fashion until the battery level is 5%.

The device enters Hibernation mode when the battery level reaches 5% or less, at which stage it stops attempting to connect to the Cloud. In Hibernation mode, it still records data and stores in its internal memory until the battery is fully depleted.

The expected battery life depends on the set wake-up interval, as shown in the table below:

Table 14. Battery life

Wake-up interval

Expected battery life

1 hour

20 days

2 hours

35 days

3 hours

45 days

6 hours

75 days

12 hours

110 days

24 hours

>110 days


External variables (e.g. low temperature, poor cellular signal, etc.) and the battery’s health can affect how quickly the battery depletes.