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What are all possible messages on the display, and what do they mean?

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Display sections

The display area has five sections.

Saga logger display sections shown with arrows and text (battery, temperature, shipment, alarm, cloud connection)

Shipment statuses

Table 17. Shipment statuses




The device is in standby mode and has not received any information about being allocated to a shipment.


The device has received shipment information from the Cloud, starting conditions have not yet been met.


The device is paired to a shipment whose start conditions have been met; data is uploaded to the Cloud as per wake-up interval.


The stop button is pushed while the device is in an active shipment.


Stopping conditions have been met; the logger has been delivered.

Cloud connection statuses

Table 18. Cloud connection statuses






Device is attempting to connect and sync with the Cloud.



Device has successfully connected to the Cloud during its last wake-up.


Failed connection

Device was unable to connect to the Cloud during its last wake-up, usually due to poor cellular reception.

Flight headed east icon

Flight mode

Device has detected that it’s on a flight. Therefore, it will temporarily stop attempting to connect to the Cloud.

Other display messages

Table 19. Other status messages




"Display does not function in the current temperature." text written under an icon of a crossed-out display.

Display does not function

The display shows a warning message when the temperature is below 0°C or above 50°C.

While the device continues to function and collect data within its operating range, the display is only active when the temperature is between 0°C and 50°C.

Low power mode. The logger is now in low power mode. Please charge the device.

Low power mode

Battery level has dropped below 10%.

"Device needs service" text written under a warning exclamation mark in a triangle.

Device requires service

Indicates device needs service after it has woken up and connected to the Cloud.

Customers are encouraged to set such devices aside and follow the existing process to return them to Controlant.


The device can only display this message when its status is Free (not Paired or Shipping).

The display of a Saga Logger in standby mode right after plugging in to charge: screen showing chasing arrows, battery with lightning bolt icon, and USB icon.

Plugged into USB

When device is plugged into USB on a charging station or computer, the display shows a USB icon for a few seconds. Then the display returns to what it was displaying, but now with the battery charging icon Battery charging icon.