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Why do multiple loggers in the same shipment show different location data in the platform?

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If a shipment contains more than one logger, each of the loggers will be on its own wake-up schedule, though they will all wake up with the same frequency set for the shipment.

Each logger reports its current geolocation when it connects to the Cloud. Loggers in the same shipment may be connecting at different times, so if the shipment is moving, the loggers may be showing different latest reported geolocations. The latest position of the shipment shown in Controlant’s SCM platform corresponds to the position transmitted by the logger that connected most recently.

The fact that the loggers are connecting at different times when in a shipment translates into receiving more frequent location updates for shipments.

It may also happen that while some loggers in a shipment are connecting from a destination airport, some may still show their latest location at the origin airport. If the time of that latest position from the origin airport is from before the flight, it means that the logger(s) did not have a chance to connect after the landing yet. If, however, any of the loggers in this shipment would connect and send regular updates from the origin airport, this means that the item these loggers are monitoring was not loaded onto the aircraft.