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Release notes for Data foundation.


Data & Analytics - Data foundation



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15 February 2024

This release is the first full release of tables defined as Controlant Data Foundation. Data Foundation consists of nine data tables that include data related to ongoing and finished shipments updated every 24 hours. Tables are shared using the Delta Sharing Protocol.

Shipment_logger_excursions table

The Shipment_logger_excursions table contains the excursion history of a logger, information about excursion events, the time they took place, and details about the excursion that was raised (boundary type, value, and allowed time period).

Shipment_boundaries table

The Shipment_boundaries table contains information about the upper and lower temperature boundaries of a shipment and the severity if that boundary is exceeded.

Shipment_status_events table

The Shipment_status_events table contains information about status changes for ongoing and finished shipments, the type of status transition, and the date and time the transition took place.

Shipment_contacts table

The Shipment_contacts table contains contact information for the shipment, phone numbers or email addresses assigned to excursion notifications.

Shipment_logger_events table

The Shipment_logger_events table contains the event history of a logger; type of event, and date and time the event occurred.


The data model of the Data Foundation has been documented. In it you can see the tables in the data model, how the tables are linked, and a detailed description of the contents of each table.

Data Foundation.

Shipments table

The Shipments table contains information about ongoing and finished shipments - e.g. origin, destination, configuration, excursion threshold and inspection status.

Shipment_loggers table

The Shipment_loggers table contains information about the loggers in a shipment and its wake-up interval.

Shipment_geolocations table

The Shipment_geolocations table contains the geolocation history of loggers while assigned to a shipment.

Shipment_temperatures table

The Shipment_temperatures table contains the temperature measurements history of a logger while assigned to a shipment