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Real-time shipment tracking

Shipment flow

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The shipment goes through different states. These are Ready, Shipping, Delivered, Closed, and Cancelled. The shipment's location and current status determine which state it's in.

Ready state

When you create a shipment, it initially sits in the Ready state.

All the shipment data you enter is transmitted directly to the loggers linked to the shipment. Remember that while the shipment is in the 'Ready' state, the loggers won't send any alarms.

Your shipment will continue to be in the 'Ready' state until one of two things happens:

  1. A Start method kicks off the shipment.

  2. A user manually begins the shipment by clicking on the 'Ship' button in the Shipment view. Doing so will overwrite the original start method. In this case, each logger connected to the shipment will receive a notification about its start.

Shipping state

To track shipments currently in the shipping process, simply navigate to the Shipments view and click on the "Active" tab.

Monitoring shipments

Ten minutes after a shipment starts its journey, the loggers start monitoring the temperature fluctuations.

You can modify the default 10-minute adaptation phase called the Ignore period. During this period, the shipment will be labeled as "Fine," and no alarms or alerts will be issued, even if there are excursions. This period allows the loggers to adjust to the environment.


For instance, if a logger moves from hot conditions into a freezer, it will take some time to cool down. Without an adjusting period (Ignore period), the chart under the Chart tab could misreport high-temperature spikes during the cool-down time.

Shipping stages

You can keep track of the progress of your shipment as it moves through these stages:

  1. At Origin: The shipment starts at this stage.

  2. En Route: Triggered when at least one logger leaves the geofence of the origin location.

  3. At Destination: Activated when the first logger arrives at the destination geofence. The arrival time updates as additional loggers reach the destination.

The shipment remains "actively shipping" until stopped through one of the approved delivery/stop methods or manually stopped by the user via the "Deliver" button in the Shipments view. If the user stops the shipment manually, all loggers will be notified of this action.

Shipping/Start methods

There are four methods to start a shipment:

Auto (Geofence)

The shipment will automatically move to the 'shipping' state when the logger exits the geofence, which is a specific radius around a location. This approach only raises alarms for loggers outside the geofence, as those within the geofence haven't started shipping yet.


Press the 'Start' button on any logger associated with the shipment to begin shipping. It's important to press this button on every logger to inform them about the shipment's start. This method works even if the loggers haven't received the shipment details. As soon as they do, the user interface will update with the shipment's status.

Specify time

Want to schedule your shipment? Decide on a time via the user interface, and your shipment will start accordingly. You can schedule it up to 48 hours before the planned departure.

Geofence or Button

The shipment begins either by pressing the 'Start' button on some loggers or if any logger steps out of the geofence. It's a convenient feature, especially if someone forgets to press the 'Start' button. The shipment automatically begins as soon as the loggers leave the geofence.

Delivery/Stop methods

There are five methods to stop a shipment:

Auto (Geofence)

The shipment will automatically stop when all the loggers are within the destination geofence, which is a specific radius around a location.


Press the Stop button on every logger associated with the shipment to mark it as "delivered". After pressing the Stop button, loggers will stop issuing alarms.

Specify time

This can only be set after the shipment has ended. By specifying the time when the shipment ended, it will mark the shipment as delivered.

Geofence OR Button

With this setting, the "delivered" state can be activated in two ways:

  • pressing the 'Stop' button on each logger in the shipment

  • all loggers in the shipment entering the destination area's geofence

Geofence AND Button

This setting will activate the "delivered" state only when the 'Stop' button has been pressed on each logger in the shipment while they are inside the geofence of the destination area. This feature helps prevent pressing the Stop button too early before the shipment reaches its destination.