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How often does the logger's display update?

In this section:

The Saga logger has an E-Ink display which is updated regularly to indicate the device status. Depending on the information, the update will happen with different frequency. The temperature value is updated every 10 minutes, if there are any variations when a temperature measurement is taken. The following information is updated if there has been a change in any of these values since the last measurement:

  • shipment status

  • alarm status

  • maximum temperature (when the device is in shipping mode)

  • minimum temperature (when the device is in shipping mode)

  • battery percentage

These updates do not require the logger to connect to the Cloud.

However, if a shipment was started manually in Controlant’s SCM platform or via integration, the shipment status update will happen only after the logger has connected to the Cloud and received that information. The same applies to the shipment status on the display should the shipment be delivered manually in Controlant’s SCM platform or via integration. The last connection status is updated at every wake-up.

The full-screen messages, showing Low power mode and when the logger is outside the operational temperature range of the display (below 0°C or above 50°C), will appear on the screen when these conditions occur and don’t require the logger to wake up.

For the full-screen message Device needs service to appear, a logger needs to connect to the Cloud and receive information that it was recalled.