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Can I extend the battery life of loggers in an ongoing shipment?

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In instances of significant shipment delays there is a risk of shipment duration exceeding the expected battery life of the Saga logger (see question 3 above). To slow down battery depletion and extend the logger’s recording capabilities, you can take the following actions:

  1. Recreate the shipment in our system with a longer wake-up interval, when possible. Most of the battery charge is used during wake-ups to transmit data to the Cloud. Therefore, the longer the interval is, the longer the battery charge will last. The longest wake-up interval currently available is 24 hours. The extension of battery life will depend on how soon after the beginning of the shipment the wake-up interval is modified.

  2. Charge loggers during shipment via any USB port. If the shipment duration is extended beyond the longest estimated battery life, it could be an option to charge the loggers while in transit. However, note that the loggers heat up while charging. This is a normal battery behavior, hence we usually do not recommend using loggers straight from charging to make sure the logger internal temperature would not affect the temperature data. In the event of loggers being charged during a shipment, the heating of the loggers will likely affect the temperature data during and shortly after charging (loggers require approximately 30 minutes to cool down). This may result in a false temperature excursion with Saga Standard. In Saga-P there will be less disruption in temperature data due to the probe remaining located within a temperature-controlled environment. In general, and for the time being, Controlant is unable to guarantee that charging during shipments will not affect data records in any way.


Controlant cannot recommend a certain option for all cases, as battery life depends on several external factors, including temperature, wake-up interval and quality of the cellular signal.