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Why do devices in the same shipment not upload data in real time?

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Each device in the shipment behaves and connects on its own, independently from other loggers in the shipment.

Each logger may be in a slightly different environment. For example, if a logger is placed in a box in the middle of the pallet, surrounded by other products rich in water, cooling material, etc., it may experience difficulties connecting to the Controlant Cloud, even when the loggers that are placed in the outer boxes or on the side of the pallet connect fine. Differences in connectivity may also depend on the placement in a container, in a delivery truck, or in a warehouse.

The loggers also have independent wake-up schedules even if they’re in the same shipment, so they wake up at different times. If the shipment is on the move, for example in a truck, some loggers may attempt to connect at times when the signal strength is not good enough, while when the time comes for other loggers to connect, the signal may have gotten better.

Placement in the shipment may also influence the logger’s temperature condition. If the logger is close to the cooling unit or cold air flow in the freezer and records a temperature below -20°C, it will stop connecting to the Cloud until the next wake-up in a temperature above -20°C. At the same time, other loggers in the same shipment may not experience the temperature going below -20°C, due to their different placement, and therefore continue to connect.

Loggers may also have different initial battery charges, which can result in some loggers draining the battery and entering Low power mode sooner than others.