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Why does my logger not upload data in real-time?

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The logger uploads data every time it connects to the Cloud. An attempt to connect to the Cloud is called a wake-up. When a logger is not in a shipment, it follows an internal wake-up schedule (standby mode).

While in a shipment, the logger generally follows the wake-up interval (i.e., the frequency of wake-up) that was set for the shipment. This means that in a shipment for which the wake-up interval was set to 1 hour, the logger will connect to the Cloud every hour and upload data with every hourly wake-up. The wake-up interval selected for the shipment will overwrite the internal wake-up schedule that the logger follows in standby mode.

There could be instances in which the logger does not connect to the Cloud with the frequency set for the shipment. The reasons for this include:

Device is in Flight Mode

While they are in Flight Mode, loggers will not connect to the Controlant Cloud and upload data.

When a logger in a shipment detects a landing event, it will attempt to connect to the Controlant Cloud outside of the scheduled wake-up and upload data. From that moment, it will follow the wake-up schedule for the shipment.

In case the logger does not detect the landing, it will remain in flight mode for 18 hours and attempt to connect at the next scheduled wake-up for the shipment.

Device is in Low Power Mode

When the battery level goes below 10%, the device enters Low Power Mode:

  • In Low Power Mode, the device switches to 24 hour wake-up interval, whether in shipping mode or standby mode.

When the battery level goes below 5%, the device enters Hibernation Mode:

  • In Hibernation Mode, the device suspends everything except measuring temperature every 10 minutes.

The display indicates Low power mode or Hibernate mode with a full-screen service message:

Low power mode. The logger is now in low power mode. Please charge the device.

To resume normal operation of the device, charge to at least 15% battery.

Device has poor signal strength

The logger uses 2G/3G and 4G (LTE) networks to connect to the Cloud. The logger will try to connect to the Cloud at its scheduled wake-up and when an alarm in a shipment is triggered. If the logger cannot connect to the network at the scheduled wake-up time, the logger will wait for the next scheduled wake-up to retry.

The logger uses mobile networks to connect, and connectivity depends on several external factors, including:

  • Availability of cell towers in the area.

  • Density of traffic on the cellular network, and surroundings (for example, liquids, metals, and concrete may negatively affect cellular connectivity).

    • For example, sometimes when driving through a rural area, you might lose the possibility to connect to a cellular network, and the same applies to connectivity issues at big events and gatherings of people.