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In this section:

The following picture shows the structure of the SPV page. Two setups are available:

  • SPV with only location

  • SPV with temperature and location

The layout of the user interface changes according to the initial setup (e.g., when the setting is "only location," only the 'Loggers' and 'Properties' tables are visible under the map).


Time zone

By clicking here, you can choose your time zone to make it easy to track the shipment.


The name of the shipment (often matching the shipment ID.) You can copy it by clicking the copy icon next to it.


The shipment's status. There are three possible statuses:

  1. Shipping

  2. Delivered

  3. Closed

Location cards

They show the addresses of the origin and the destination. When you click the "View More" icon, a window pops up with additional information about the site:

  • Reference number

  • Postcode

  • Region

Alert section

When an excursion rule applied to the shipment is triggered, an alert appears in this area. See more about the rules here.


The map shows the location of the logger closest to its destination. You can zoom in and out to view the shipment's last known location, with the timestamp underneath the map.

Excursion boundaries (expandable table)

In this table, you can see the rules applied to the shipment to prompt excursion alerts, their severity level, and whether they are triggered or not.

There are three available severity levels (and alerts). Each one is defined and assigned to specific ranges on a company level:

  • Low

  • Medium

  • High

Temperature history (expandable chart and table)

This section shows the chart and the data table of the temperature history over the shipment's duration.

You can select the logger you want the data from and the excursion boundary you want to show on the chart. It's also possible to download the data by clicking the download icon.

The table shows the detailed temperature history throughout the shipment, with timestamps for all the reported measurements and excursions.

Loggers (expandable table)

The table in this section shows all the logger IDs, the last reported temperature, time and location, and the description of the logger.

Properties (expandable table)

The table in this section shows custom property names and values defined at shipment creation.